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March 8, 2009

My Cup of Coffee

I attended my Apple class today.  Before class I needed a coffee, badly.  At the mall I found a shop called Starbucks.  I don’t know what they sell, but the cash register was overflowing with greenbacks.  A Brinks guard was standing nearby, with his hand on his gun. I asked the clerk if they sold coffee, and she gave me a strange look.  Then she grinned and started talking to me in slow sentences, asking me “W-h-a-t   f-l-a-v-o-r   d-o   y-o-u   w-a-n-t?” I told her I liked it black and wet.  She said I should be more specific, and called to her co-worker, “Hey Sally, get a look at this one!” Now I am accustomed to being treated with respect, so I retorted “I want 14 ounces in a 16 ounce cup, with 40% Burundi Kayanza, 60% Cafe Estima Blend, a dab of Cinnamon Dolce Syrup, topped with low fat whipped cream and a sprinkle of Samoan cocoa powder”.  I guess I showed them, but I think $17 is a bit steep for a cup of coffee. Dick ============================================ To Dick You said that the Brinks guard had his hand on his gun. That brought to mind a little 4 line poem. You were in the military and maybe you heard it. Recruits who mistakenly referred to their rifle as their gun were required to repeatedly recite, with gestures, this little poem. This is my rifle. This is my gun. This is for shooting This is for fun. There are times when I think of it because of the context where “gun” is used. The guard standing with his hand on his gun. Right there in the middle of Starbucks. What do men do at a Gun Show? Why do you need a permit to have a gun? Why is a gun considered a concealed weapon? Why do some women want to carry a gun in their purse? It is impressive that some men carry their gun in a holster. Do people know what they are doing when they vote to outlaw guns? What about the movie,”Gun Fight at the OK Corral” Was that a porn flick? What about the TV show…Peter Gun. Isn’t that redundant? Ilene