The Jazz Club

Today I decided to go for a constitutional walk through my hometown, Norristown. I proceeded for about a mile until I reached the downtown area. At that point I was developing some aches and pains, and a definite thirst. So, I dropped into the local jazz club, The Old Mill Inn, for some refreshments.

It was about 5:30 PM, and the place was inhabited by about 10 women, in their 40’s, celebrating the end of the work week. They had consumed a few drinks and were feeling frisky. After sizing me up, they began flirting with me. Soon the flirting progressed to overt sexual overtures, accompanied by touching and feeling, pawing of my body, and fondling.

I was helpless against their attacks, which were rude, crude, and lewd. I felt I was being used as a sexual object. I finally managed to escape and go home, my clothes in complete disarray. I have never felt so ashamed, embarrassed, abused, degraded, violated and dirty.

I think I will go back there again tomorrow.

One Response to “The Jazz Club”

  1. richard1717a Says:

    That is a great story

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